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English tutor for Online lessons


TEFL qualified teacher with over 5 years experience. Great with young learners.

I am a native English and Spanish speaker I've been teaching for over 5 years in schools and private lessons. I hold a 160 TEFL qualification as well as lots of experience teaching children and adults.
I believe we should learn a language like our mother tongue, with lots of interaction, conversation, songs and things that make you laugh. This makes you want to learn more while gaining confidence along the way. If you know the phonics and pronunciation of the words it makes it easier to spell them too.
My lessons have been particularly successful for students with learning difficulties, who need a bit more patience and attention to their special needs. I'm so proud when see my students gain the confidence to speak, write and read so easily.
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Wonderful teacher. Very kind and active!

평균 평점: 5 /5


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