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Hello, my name is Andrew. I am a native speaker from Manchester in England. I have a degree and PhD from Lancaster University and a postgraduate degree in teaching and learning from Sheffield University. I have a great deal of experience teaching students from 5-60 year olds at school, College, University and finally in companies. I have also worked with students from all over the world with a variety of backgrounds and languages. I specialise in IT and computer science covering programming, Microsoft office suite especially Excel (basic to advanced), web applications, website design, Arduino, smart home and electronics. Once established I use visual techniques and gamification in interactive lessons. I use differentiated instruction, technology-based learning, group learning (if applicable), inquiry-based learning, game-based learning and analogy based learning.

Computer Science

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think Andrew’s method is very functional, much more so than what we have at school in Italy. The lessons are never boring; they are very interactive and teach really useful English. I got along well with the teacher and liked the methods he used.

평균 평점: 5 /5





Andrew is a great teacher, very professional and dedicated. Am glad my son had the chance to be with him.

평균 평점: 5 /5

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